The most important part of every task is to set a goal and take the first step towards this goal.

Human Resources

Sacit Zorlu Metal is aware that its investment in employees is actually the most fundamental investment that it makes in the company. Therefore, we consider our Human Resources Policy as the most important keystone of our Total Quality Policy. In line with our company's goals and strategies our Human Resources policy is about:

  • Appealing qualified workforce to our company,
  • Investing in our employees with continuous training,
  • Supporting our employees in their career goals by analyzing their skills and qualifications correctly,
  • Contributing to the motivation to work in line with the future targets by maintaining every position open,
  • Examining the current situation in line with fair and ethical conditions thanks to the 360 degree performance evaluations every year,
  • Listening to the requests and feedback of all our employees and providing them with a safe and ergonomic working environment,
  • Offering platforms where our employees can contribute to Human Resources Practices, keeping employee satisfaction higher and creating an effective and motivated organization.

Sacit Zorlu Metal aims to be a brand preferred by every potential candidate. In line with this purpose, we combine talent acquisition, performance reviews, continuous education, benefits, labor law, administrative affairs and human resources principles and keep our Human Resources policy up to date.

Professionals and Students

We believe that the personal development of an individual is actually the biggest step taken for the development of a country. For this purpose, we care about your career plans and we are happy to set a light on the path that reaches your career goals together. We support our employees to achieve their career goals through trainings, workshops and other professional and personal development activities that we plan monthly and annually.

We are aware of the importance of cooperation between the Industry and the Academy. We cooperate with many valuable universities of our country, particularly Boğaziçi University, Istanbul Technical University and Yıldız Technical University, in our R&D studies with TÜBİTAK. Accordingly, we care about our students' internship programs. We help our students gain professional experience as they continue their education. We give priority to the interns who complete their internship programs at Sacit Zorlu Metal and want to continue working within our organization.

Human Resources department evaluates all job applications for our company at certain intervals based on the open positions in the company and the interests and abilities of the candidates. Please follow our company's social media accounts to see open positions in the company. For more information about career opportunities in our company, you can send an e-mail to