ALUTEM, a trademark of Sacit Zorlu Metal Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi, aims to deliver on architectural design and aesthetics and to provide project-based services as a solution partner of its customers in the construction industry with aluminium system profiles that are fit for the application details of the projects.

Since 1993, we have obtained the knowledge, experience and the strength in the construction industry under ALUTEM. We are a brand that aims to deliver its products and services to every corner of Turkey and every destination in the world.

We are operating in 6 different segments in Turkish construction industry including aluminium profile and accessories production, exteriors and facade projects, facade profducing and implementation, project-based sales, wholesale and retail sectors.

Thanks to 5000 m2 stock area and 22000 m2 production area, we offer products to our customers in every corner of Turkey in line with reasonable pricing, fast delivery, top quality and safe shopping principles. Thus, we can deliver a new brand in the Building Sector.

We can use the strength we have to meet our customers' needs and expectations faster and to deliver more practical solutions. We can use the strength we have to meet our customers' needs and expectations faster and to deliver more practical solutions.

We give importance to be in close contact with our customers. We review all of our business processes with the feedback of our customers and we grow together with our customers and suppliers.

Our Key Strategies
Achieving Growth, Profitability, Productivity and Revenue Growth;

  • Establishing relationships based on goodwill, honesty and sincerity,
  • Behaving ethically,
  • Having technical know-how,
  • Providing the requested information to the customer on time,
  • Providing the information, product and service requested by the customer at the promised time.

Our mission
To deliver high quality and reliable products that are manufactured with innovation, creativity and sustainability principles, and to preserve and develop our portfolio by surviving for centuries.

SZ METAL adheres to the key principles and the values since the very first day of its foundation, by combining technology, people and knowledge, in the same organization with the legacy information obtained, and meeting customers' possible requests and international standards.

Our vision
To become a company that manufactures the best and most affordable solution in the global arena, to provide the best technical support and offer the fastest service.

SZ METAL has adopted the principle of complying with international ethical rules and acting honestly and openly towards the government, customers and employees in all of its activities. It aims to protect ethical values, create healthy, safe and secure working conditions, encourage social development within the organization, and protect the nature and social balances in all its processes.

Customer Orientation

SZ METAL determines the customer conditions and fulfills their requirements in order to increase customer satisfaction. Our customer portfolio consists of individual and corporate customers. Our senior management and staff are aware of the importance of the work they do for all our customers as an important part of our industry and operate with the philosophy of customer satisfaction and trust in line with risks and opportunities to complete the services demanded by the customer in the most accurate way.