Aluminium Profile Manufacturing

Aluminium profiles are produced in various lengths, weights and designs in compliance with TSE EN 755-1, 12020-1, TS EN ISO, EN 150088 standards and CE marking at Sacit Zorlu Metal factory.

Sacit Zorlu Metal produces profiles with Aluminum Extrusion and provides services in the industry with its own three press producing lines with a total capacity of 750 tons, draw robots and hardener furnaces.

The product archive includes more than 10 systems and 50 types of profiles registered with the design registration certificate, designed by Sacit Zorlu Metal and registered as a utility model by TPI in addition to standard molds.

Special designs can be offered by design engineers and new systems are designed based on needs in line with customer requests. You can access all of our standard profiles at our aluminum profile catalog. You can submit your sample and price offers to us.

More than 5000 profile types are manufactured at the facility, and profile design and production processes are handled simultaneously. Production can also be made with special molds as per customer orders.

Extrusion Dies

  • By using profile extrusion dies designed by Sacit Zorlu Metal and registered by TPE, profile drawings designed by experienced designers are processed in the workshops and molding forms are created.

Electrostatic Powder Coating

  • Painting with all Ral codes, especially black and white, is performed in the facilities. Orders with special color requests can be provided by the company. The pools and special furnaces used throughout the painting process by expert staff and quality equipment were designed by Sacit Zorlu Metal.

Wooden Transfer

  • Sacit Zorlu Metal wood transfer paint facility began production activities in 2014. In response to the modern perspective in architectural systems and the aesthetic quest of the designers in their projects, Sacit Zorlu Metal apply all kinds of colors and patterns to the surfaces of the profiles.

Anodized Coating

  • The company also launched to commission anodizing line, and in the first half of 2018 it completed the installation of the line and the factory began its operations at full capacity.