Clarification Text on the Processing Sensitive Personal Data



This clarification text prepared with the aim of enlightened the clients about the 6698 numbered law of the protection of personal data and processing of personal data’s by SACIT ZORLU METAL INCORPORATED.

You can get further details about the clarification text’s processing data within the personal details protection and processing policy from which is our website.

a) Sensitive Personal Data’s Getting Methods and Legal Reasons

Your personal data’s are collected in electronic and physical locations. Your data’s which are collected with legal reasons are mentioned in clarification text, are processed and shared within the frame of 5th and 6th numbered laws.

b) The Aim Of Personal Data’s Processing

Your personal data’s processing within the frame of 5th and 6th numbered laws for categorization the clients according to your likes, habits and needs and suggesting you to related person and introduce you for planning the activities. Also, these data’s processed because of the related companies aim is to keep up the Business and completing the commercial facilities and completing the Business process on time. In short words, we process your data’s because we want to take our Business under guarantee.

c) The Parties That Personal Datas May Shared and Sharing Aims

Your personal data’s will be shared within the frame of 8th and 9th numbered laws. The aim of this processing data and sharing is informing you about the products which are shown to you by our company and making categorization of our clients according to their likes, usage habits and needs for giving you special offers. Also, carrying out the necessary work by the relevant Business units and to carrying out the related Business processes to be conducted and execute the commercial and/or Business strategies of the company and to ensure the legal, technical and commercial safety of the company and the related person who has the Business relations with the company. The datas of yours can be shared with the companies Business partners and suppliers, legally authorized institutions and organizations and legally authorized entities.


d) The Rights of The Data Owners and The Usage of Rights

As a personal data owner, you can send your demands which are given to you under the title of “The Usage of Rights By Data Owner”. If you send your demands to us, Sacit Zorlu Metal Incorporated will conclude your demand in a short time within 30 days.

In accordance with the article 11 of law, the given rights to data owner.

-Having right to learn if your datas processed or not.

-If your datas are processed, you can demand information related to this.

-You can learn the aims for processing your personal datas and you can learn if it is used only for its aims.

-You have the right to learn the 3rd person who learnt your datas  both in domestic and abroad.

-If your datas processed incomplete or incorrect, you can demand to adjusting and you have the right to claim 3rd persons inform who are saved your datas.

-Even if your datas processed according to laws, if the reasons for processing is vanished you can claim from us to delete your datas and wipe up. You can also request to informed the 3rd person to whom personal datas are transferred.

-As data owner, you can make an objection by means of the datas analyzed by specially automatic systems.

-Moreover; you can demand the indemnify the loss, if you face to face with bad conditions.

-Within the frame of the 28 th of the 2nd paragraph of the law, the situations that you do not have the rights to claim are mentioned below:

-Processing data is needed for preventing crime or criminal investigation.

-The datas that are publicized by the related person can be processed.

-With the authorization of the law, attendant or public authority and have the characteristic of public institutions are needed for inspection and arrangement facilities of disciplinary proceeding.

-The right that are mentioned above can not be used. In case the processing of personal data is necessary for the economic and financial interests of the state in relation to budget, tax and financial issues.

-According to the 28th of the 1st paragraph of the laws, the datas will be lie beyond the scope of the law that the demands of data owners will be ignoring.

-On the condition of not giving the datas to the 3rd persons only if data security reasons with the relevant person and his/her family members will be processed.

-Processing personal data for the purpose of such as research, planning and statistic by making them anonymous with local statistics.

-Your datas can be saved for not neglecting the national defense, national, security, public security, public order, economic security, personal lifes privacy or constitude a crime but that are processed for artistic, historical or scientific purposes or freedom of expression.

-Your datas can be saved within the scope of preventive and protective activities carried out by public institutions and organizations authorized by law to ensure national defense, national security, public security, public order or economic security processing datas of personal informations for investigation prosecution, trial or forcement.

Exercise The Rights By Data Owner

Data owners can visit the website , when they want to use the rights that are mentioned above from the title of “The Usage of Rights By Data Owner”

Applications will be valid with the correct and explicit informations of data owner.

-You have to fill the form and sign the copy by hand and transmitted via notary or by registered letter to the factory address which is located in 3rd Organized Industrial Zone, 10 th Road, Sogutlu/Adapazarı.

You have to sign the form according to the 5070 numbered electronic sign and send to via e-mail.

Following a way stipulated by the personal data protection council.

As a company, we will give you an answer in maximum time of period if you demand to use your rights that are defined to you detailly.

If you want 3rd person to apply on behalf of you, it must be included special deputation with the confirm of notary.

Your apply will be put into process both free of charge or can be changed according to the rules of protection of personal data council.

The company can demand more details for being sure if you are the real data owner and can ask you some special questions about you that we processed.