Aluminium Profile

Aluminium profile extrusion process refers to the heating of a piece of aluminum which is called billet at the temperatures above 500 degrees. While the metal is still hot, the billet is forced into a steel mold, enters as a hard piece of aluminum or alloy, and comes out as a cross-sectional “profile”.

The combination of very high pressure applied to aluminum forced to mold, heat and lubricants provides a smooth flow through the mold. This delivers a quality product that can be produced and measured at very high tolerances.

Extrusion provides opportunities to designers and producers that cannot be achieved in other processing or producing processes. This enables the production of cross-section shapes with special functions such as extrusion, combining details, channels, grooves or structural “hardeners”.

Aluminium Profile Anodized Coating

Aluminum has a thin oxide layer that occurs naturally in its natural state. Anodized processing of the aluminum shape makes it more durable than other popular construction materials such as iron or steel. However, this oxide layer is not as reliable as anodizing aluminum.

Anodization is an “electrochemical” process that gives aluminum corrosion resistance incomparable to other metals. However, for metals such as steel and iron, a substrate must be used instead of anodizing. A substrate also reinforces the metal, but it is a surface level reinforcer, mostly as a paint or powder coating as well.

Aluminium Profile Electrostatic Powder Coating

Powder coating process is very similar to the liquid paint process, except that the paint is a dry powder. Mixture of finely ground pigment and resin particles forms the powder that is electrostatically sprayed into the aluminum extrusion. Powder sticks to the surface due to electrostatic charge. Powder flows and hardens while applying heat in a curing oven. This delivers a durable, smooth and attractive result for your custom shape.

Electrostatic powder coating colors for aluminum shape can be selected from wide RAL color scale as opaque, satin or very bright. We can also match these colors to the customer specification on smooth, metallic or textured surfaces based on your demands.

Aluminium Profile Wooden Pattern Transfer

We can apply an aluminum wood coating to your sections within the scope of our aluminum finishing services. This process combines the warm texture and appearance of wood, and the superior performance and durability of aluminum. It also benefits from architectural powder coating and wood coating performance.